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Diana Speaks: Candid Conversations with Diana, Princess of Wales

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Diana Speaks: Candid Conversations with Diana, Princess of Wales

Published December 28, 2006

Afterlife conversations with Diana, Princess of Wales, through voice medium/channel Andrew Russell-Davis.

Run time 25- 30 minutes


Truly revolutionary! The woman who wanted to impact the world while living has returned to do so after death. Using the phenomena of channeling (mediumship) Diana speaks through Andrew Russell-Davis, a voice channel of remarkable skill. A must hear audio experience! Yes, doubters will always exist, but unless you hear this for yourself, judge you not! Several audio files from a series of recordings. Be sure to listen to them all! Corresponding material may be found
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Reviewer: reggaesaw - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 14, 2017
Subject: Appreciation
Thank you Rose and Andrew for providing such profound and insightful information about our once beloved Diana.

I didn't really know her, nevertheless i can relate to her emotions.

Finally - Thank you Diana, i believe some of us needed a voice like yours to help the BLIND and to also give a voice to the learning.
Reviewer: dahszil - - March 30, 2014
Subject: this is too pathetic to criticize
i did not here Lady Di's voice once.
Reviewer: cynthiasu - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 20, 2014
Subject: where have i been?
wow,what an amazing collection of interviews,my life on the internet is very new.4 years,i have watched everything i could find on our beloved diana.i was totaly amazed by all of the interviews,i am sure in my heart,this is diana speaking,without a doubt.i have only wished i had been on her site,dianaspeaks,between the years she was here with us in spirit.i realize there are a few videos on youtube,why not all of them.i think that would help get her messages out to more people.i feel very lucky to hear dianas messages as she still lives in our hearts.and now in 2014,we are hearing information by a mi5 relative speaking oit,lol,the truth will come out,as in my heart knowing diana was murdered,by the hands of prince phillip
Reviewer: High priestess - - July 16, 2010
Subject: Diana
I've never really known quite what to believe regarding Diana's death but one psychic claimed she had pre-arranged her death in her previous life or Spiritual life (before she returned to fulfill her role). Listening to her and if I am to take this at face value, it would appear that her death was no accident and this, if true, is astonishing and somewhat unforgiveable.

I was interrupted during my audio session here so must replay the top link to see if Di had elaborated any regarding her death. My late miltary father was convinced she did not die by accident. When Di allegedly said "The truth will out" I wonder how this will happen since it's already an enforced and established "truth" that her death was an accident. How will anything to the contrary ever be proved?
Reviewer: Peter Nolan - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 14, 2010
Subject: Time she came back properly.
Its great to see all the messages and sites plus videos from Diana.
But I noticed the traffic and views of these sites was quite low level and the world hasnt really taken a great deal of notice of it apart from a few intrigued Diana fans and its been years now.
I think the world has pretty much figured out there were a lot of conspiracies in the way you died Diana,but wouldnt it be better to move on,as you have now said it all really,maybe reincarnate to continue your humanitarian work,Im sure your strong presence would be felt and people would soon notice similarities.
My question is did Diana ever talk about reincarnation, in a new body,I feel she would be of more use this way.
Remember the truth always comes out in the end and the world needs you.
Reviewer: perlster - favorite - August 21, 2009
Subject: Why is the moron permitted to review his own crap?
Also, this is the kind of post that calls for NEGATIVE stars.
Reviewer: Tony Papard - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 9, 2008
Subject: Diana really speaks
The replies I have received from Rose, Andrew and Diana herself, including explanations for the voice variations, together with the fact that I misinterpreted messages I myself was getting from Spirit, and the fact that two comments from Diana on my Weblog - - were deleted as 'Spam' for no apparent reason, convince me that this really is Diana speaking with important messages for the world to hear.

Rose's comment wasn't 'spammed', only Diana's first two, before I even had a chance to read them. I have now put them back on my site.

But they are proof to me that 'they' are getting worried, and are trying to silence her again. They can't. She will come thru many websites and weblogs, many mediums, and eventually breakthru on TV and the media.

She will NOT go quietly!

And I hope this time she topples the Monarchy. It is an undemocratic institution I have never supported, and her two sons should not have to endure the confined, artificial lifestyle which Diana had to. OK it has privileges and wealth, but walk a mile in their shoes and see how you like it.

I've no objection whatsoever to any of the Windsor family becoming Head of State, so long as they put themselves up for election to that office and win a majority. May seem a strange system to Monarchists, but it is what the world knows as democracy!
Reviewer: diana_rose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 8, 2008
Subject: Hello Tony!
Hello Tony. I have read both your review written here and your comments on your site. I will post this reply written to you on your site here as well. I hope to address some of these points you bring up and offer you some clarity if not fully sway you to consider the view that what you hear is truly authentic. I will also be sending these links to Andrew and Diana and letting them offer some comments if they so choose.

It seems your main question is why the voice sounds different from one media to another. I am not sure myself except to say that the longer that Diana speaks through Andrew the more of her it seems gets seated into him. The files on youtube of Diana speaking through Andrew were recorded in mid-2006. The pod casts began at the end of 2006 and continues up until about 1 1/2 months ago when we took a hiatus due to medical problems in my family. I believe some of the difference is just that... the more she comes through as herself the more "her" she truly is. Those videos were Diana's first attempts to speak to any but a few friends of Andrew's and myself. It was as well Andrew's first attempts at standing front and center and getting out of the way of the Lady.

I have seen the transformation of Andrew, whom I met first by phone in late 2005, over the years as he becomes more confident with his channeling ability and have had moments when Diana came through him so strong talking to me via phone that I held my breath. Take into account, if you will, that I am also a channel for the spiritual realms, though not of the voice mediumship type, so to impress me was quite a feat. I have seen the evolution of Diana being given expression through a new form and I stand to say I that have no doubts. Consider this as well...I have no great need to be ridiculed, scoffed at, or considered crazy but when something is right I have no fear of standing firm and being counted.

Your remarks about us making no money is correct. What we offer we offer for free to all who will listen. As Andrew says, "What price can you put on Diana?" He does have a point. In truth Andrew is a bit shaky about the fame, and all of its attendant crap that may come forth in the future from it. Fame didn't get Diana much but killed in the end, now did it? Andrew is aware that to stand and say that he speaks for Diana might well get him shot someday...and not just by some fanatic crackpot in an audience somewhere but from sources that have vestesd interests in keeping this suppressed. Enough said.

If you will listen to the entire library of pod casts it will define for you many facts, such as how Andy and I came to meet. I searched for the man that Diana (yes, I too speak to her and did that first night she died) told me about who would be leading a work she had planned. I searched for 8 years to find and recognize that man. When I saw Diana's site ( I knew that this man could be him for much of what he had on there echoed what I had been given as I had been told it would. Little was I prepared for Diana to speak through him...I had thought that the man Diana spoke to me would be like me...a clairaudient channel. I wasn't even aware that direct voice channeling existed so was quite unprepared when Diana broke through and began to speak to me. A video camera aimed at my face during that moment would have indeed told the story of my own surprise and tears. Such a shame I had not thought to record that phone conversation on video.

I would like to comment on Diana's site at It is a sad tale but will address your comment about it. At one time that site was stellar and we had a nice community of people interacting regularly. That site was built in 2005 for a forum for Diana to speak openly and to place the book she had wriiten through Andrew out to the public without having to publish and have a charge put to it. Andrew did not want to be seen as exploiting Diana. (He is pretty adament about that since it seems every media journel tried their best to do so when she lived.) However, in late 2007 our server host Aimoo decided to change formats and screwed up the whole site. During the transition they lost all the videos, the thousands of pictures of Diana stored there, lost all chronilogical order of the posts and the people could no longer log in or interact with each other. Diana was fit to be tied with it. You are correct...Diana would not have anything to do with a site as you have most recently seen it and so she withdrew. We leave it there in its current state mainly because the precis are still there, as well as the book, and it will still serve the purpose of letting some see what Diana has to say. It was then that the decision was made to make the pod casts publically available and to work through a site I built for that purpose. That site is Have you seen that site? All of the pod casts are there listed via the series that they were recorded in.

So, Tony, I thank you for wondering about us, for being honest with your own readers about your ambivilance and for asking me to post. I can't remember if I covered all of your comments but if you have other questions, please feel free to ask me. I am pretty much the PR and computer tech support for this venture and I do the best I can. (Not bad for a Indiana farm girl who didn't know how to turn a computer on until 12 years ago, if I must say so myself!)

In the end each person must decide for themselves if what we offer is real or not. They must decide if we are dedicated channels working hard to bring some spiritual truths to the land or whacked out looneys intent on 15 minutes of fame. Or perhaps we are just warped enough that we like adversity and being scoffed at! But then again...maybe we feel a need to spend money we don't have to promote something fake? Come have heard some of what Diana has to say...if the voice bothers you (do remember it is being delivered via male vocal cords versus female ones) then listen to the words. As you said...Diana has some solutions to offer for certain things, she has some truths that are hard to deny, and I can honestly say that you (the public) haven't heard one tenth of what I have from that lady's mouth! It will be a God sent thing if Diana is ever given a chance to speak openly to the masses. It is why she returns...and I swear to you...Diana speaks!

Rose Campbell

Diana Channel
Pod Cast Host
Event Coordinator
Right Hand Goffer :)
Reviewer: princessdianaislove - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 1, 2008
Subject: hmmm..
is that really Diana?
how come it doesn't sound like her?
Reviewer: Elizabeth Jean - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 28, 2008
Subject: The People's Princess
Diana Then and Now 1...amazing. The Diana podcasts have been quite a journey and so profound! HER voice sounds so strong now.

I recently read Larry King's book The People's Princess. Rakesh Roshan's memories on pages 173-175 were right on.

Here is a sampling...

When I remember Diana and her activities in the last years of her life, I strongly feel that God sends some special people into this world to perform some special duties. Diana was one of these special people. Advancing on this godly path of love and goodness, Diana was blossoming like a flower, and with her captivating fragrance she started infusing new life in our dangerously sick garden - which was apparently at the brink of a precipice. The irony is that the cruel winds of autumn ruthlessly blew away this rare flower and deprived the world of its soothing fragrance. Diana, Princess of Wales, is no longer present in this world, but Diana, the queen of millions of hearts, is immortal and will live forever.

Last, I would like to write here a translation in English of a poem written in Urdu.

We hope you will come back...dear friend
But why this pervading sadness...dear friend
The familiar flavor in the atmosphere is singing...You are somewhere around...dear friend

Please come back, Diana; this sinking world desperately needs a savior.

Hearing IS believing. Thank you Diana, Andy and Rose.
Reviewer: RainbowDancer - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 20, 2008
Subject: Diana Speaks
I feel very blessed to be able to hear Diana's voice in several formats here, and to here her personal thoughts, ideas and feelings through her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis in conversations with Rose Campbell. We can see many of Diana's mannerisms and tones as we watch the videos of Diana channelling through Andrew. I am grateful to Diana, Andrew and Rose for helping millions to understand the connections accessible to us from dimensions beyond what our eyes can see. This service to our Universe is honored and celebrated in the Heavens. I have shared this site with many so they can understand, as was said in one of the recordings, that the spirit world is only as far away as the other side of the door, and it truly is we who have the power to open that door and step through it. Let us open our minds and hearts to the possibilities and levels of healing available to us when we ask. The spirit world waits until we ask. I gratefully ask, and offer assistance in any way I can give it to aid the healing of our vast and beautiful Universe.

Deep love, gratitude, and many blessings,
Lynne Newman, MPS
Spiritual Counselor, Therapist, Minister
Reviewer: angelalynn - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 15, 2008
Subject: Conversations
Hi Diana, Rose, and Andy,

I enjoy listing to the pod casts and thank you for sharing this with us.
Reviewer: Isabelle F - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 15, 2008
Subject: podcasts
My dear friends Diana, Andrew and Rose...
This site is now the only place where we can meet you! But we are always with you, supporting you, praying for you. Your mission is not easy.

I would like everybody to know without any doubt that it is indeed Diana speaking, to feel her energy...
Please, all the people, open your soul to the fact that death doesn't exist!
Reviewer: diana1984 - - October 20, 2007
Subject: Diana!!!!
i am really enjoying listening to the podcasts and interviews. i love hearing diana's honest answers to questions about her life and her death. i know that this is diana speaking. i love her so much. i did not know her in life but im glad that i get to know her in death. im glad that me and diana are friends. i have liked her since 1997 right after her death!!!!! i love her.
Reviewer: grandmaToots - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 28, 2007
I have to express my love and thanks to Andy and Rose for making this possiable for all of us . Love to Our Sweetgirl Diana , I wish I could have have known you in life as I have in your death. I wish I could have been your mother , I would have HELPED you not hendered you . I would not have ever choose a man over my children or husband.Im so happy That I can be in your life after death now. Listing to you has helped heal my broken heart about your death . I know in my heart that your death had something to do the land mine thing too.I saw it in my dreams the night you died ,as you know.Everyone has a destiny and you have meet your. I love you and miss you every day. Andy, My door is always open to you any time. And also you to Rose. Love and Respects From Your Old Grandma Toots
Reviewer: direwolf0701 - favorite - February 2, 2007
Subject: what
you have to be fuckin kidding me

thank god she is gone - and keep her mouth shut - thanks
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